11 Reasons To Workout That Have Nothing To Do With Physical Fitness

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1. Helps you focus

For whatever reason, working out helps you transfer the skill of focusing, and indeed it is a skill, to other areas of your life. You can’t run and bike simultaneously, and you can’t do a plank and a shoulder press at the same time. It teaches you that even when you multitask, you can only in reality do one specific thing at a time. And focusing on that one thing well helps you move on to the next.

2. Helps you de-stress

Whether you’re a runner, a yogi, a heavy weights kind of person, or all the above (which it’s in your best interests to always practice different formats), exercising your body will do wonders for feelings of stress. Although there is positive stress which most of us need in order to achieve things, a lot of negative stress makes its way into our lives. And…

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Double Plaid…

Vintage Reflection


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!! I had a great time down at Dave’s parents but sadly I caught that horrid stomach bug and was out of it for two days – I was so ill I couldn’t travel back to London or go to work but I’m back in the big smoke and all is back to normal now!

We spent our New Years Eve with friends in a private pub lock-in, it was great fun and we spent New Years day recovering, doing lots of blog planning and going for a long walk. I wanted my outfit to be comfortable  and relaxed for our walk, I dug out this old vintage plaid shirt added my new blue jeans and for an extra touch I wore checked socks. The checked socks and beanie hat were cute stocking fillers from my Mother and my ever so…

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What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, by Randall Munroe

Blogging for a Good Book

WhatIfIn the introduction to his unexpected bestseller, author, scientist and web-comic guru Randall Munroe says “They say there are no stupid questions. That’s obviously wrong.” Working in a public library we don’t encounter stupid questions, a more accurate description may be tiring questions. What If’s questions (and answers) turn out to be neither stupid nor tiring, rather they are witty, thought provoking and often very, very funny.

Even the inside of the dust jacket is entertaining (certainly the first time I’ve ever encountered this in a book!). Munroe has drawn a map of the world, but the familiar shapes are not quite right. The key tells us it is “The World: After a portal to Mars opened at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, draining most the Oceans (sorry about that).” After the portal to Mars event there is, of course, a lot less water. There is now a West…

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