39 People Reveal Interesting Facts (And Secrets) From Their Professions

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Found on r/AskReddit.

1. Meteorologist:

The 5-day or 7-day or longer forecasts are completely useless and only made because people would get upset if we didn’t. You could probably do just about as good yourself on anything more than 48 hours away just by reasonable guessing based on the time of year.

– Anonymous

2. I’m a Professor at a large university.

Most days I don’t feel like an expert at all.


3. Comedy writer:

It takes a team of people to make your favorite people look brilliant.

– Anonymous

4. Nurse here: In nursing homes we do every disgusting thing (Vaginal creams? yep. Suppositories? yep. Putting your penis in a urinal and then holding it there so you can pee? yep), to the human body on a regular basis, and we rarely get thanked for it, so please be nice.

Also a little…

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