The ’00s Trends That Still Influence My Style

Thought Catalog

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My sometime-editor Emily McCombs from xoJane is one of my favorite writers. Seriously, she could write out her grocery list and I would be all about it. She recently rounded up the pop culture trends of the ‘90s that still influence her purchases and style today, and it got me thinking. I was a teen in the ‘00s, which in hindsight was a pretty godawful decade for fashion trends. That being said, there are still plenty of instances where I find myself drawn to things that were popular in my formative years.

photoManolo Blahniks – When I was 14, I’d stay up late and sneak episodes of “Sex and the City” while my family was asleep. It felt deliciously naughty and inspiring at the same time. I wanted to grow up and move to New York and be a kookily-dressed writer like Carrie. (I still do, minus the New York…

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