19 Unconventional And Silly Things You Can Do To Feel Better

Thought Catalog

Wayne SilverWayne Silver

1. Do the dishes as if you were competing on “Dancing With The Stars.” YOU WALTZ WITH THAT DAMN LADLE, YA HEAR?

2. Go for a walk and pretend you’re a secret agent on an intense job. The mission? Feel as sexy as possible. When you start achieving some serious Beyonce feelings going on, you’ve won.

3. Go to a coffee shop with a notebook. Construct elaborate stories about the people around you. Write about their passions, dreams, fears, that moment that changed everything for them. Hell, give them names and jobs. Just don’t…stare at them too hard, okay?

4. Make a playlist of nostalgic songs. My personal favorite? Creating a middle school soundtrack. Because the best part? You aren’t still in middle school.

5. Practice small acts of kindness. If you can afford it, pay for the toll of the car behind you. If you can’t, pay…

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