The Concept Of Home: It’s A Feeling, Not A Place

Thought Catalog

Trisha VelarminoTrisha Velarmino

For over a year now, I’ve learned that the question “where are you from” is a conversation starter. It’s like a script everyone’s required to deliver whenever they come across another traveler.

Where are you from is a very easy question to answer. I say, “Philippines” right away – without pausing or thinking. However, when the question “where is home?” arises, I stop. And pause. And think. I lived in different cities through the years and now that I don’t have a home base, it became more difficult to answer this question.

When I was 14, I was rushing to leave home and live on my own. I didn’t want to be in my parents’ radar so I spent my teenage years partying every night, without my parents knowing. At midnight, I will slowly creep out of my bed, create a human shaped pillow and cover it with…

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