9 Best YouTube Channels For Effective Procrastination

Thought Catalog

ASAP Science

This is the perfect channel for when you’re supposed be doing something intellectually stimulating, but just don’t want to. If you still want to feel like a useful, intelligent human being, check out these videos. They explain everyday life with science and doodles, and they’re downright addicting.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 1 hour and 23 minutes.


Like the name suggests, these are basic how-to videos with a comedic twist. If you’re looking for a quick burst of procrastination, this is where you want to go. These short videos offer just enough entertainment, but before long you’ll be wondering why you’re wasting your time on this crap. Maybe you’ll actually get back to work (nah).

Estimated amount of time wasted: 18 minutes


Jesse and Jeana are goofballs that prank each other for our amusement. Some pranks are light-hearted, others are downright cruel, like the one above.

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