9 (Awesome) Benefits Of Turning Into A Morning Person

Thought Catalog

The LEGO MovieThe LEGO Movie

I’m not a morning person; I’m only sort of a morning person, in the way Ryan Reynolds is only sort of a critically acclaimed actor. There’s potential and promise in both of our situations, but there’s also clearly some work to be done.

If you’re also attempting to make the transition, here are some motivational points to help mentally seal the deal:

1. There’s no hurry sickness:

Hurry Sickness is this psychological term that means you constantly feel like you aren’t being productive enough, and need to work like a maniac to get stuff done because there’s no time and why am I reading this I’m a giant failure at life!##@!@!!

Hurry Sickness has really taken off with the proliferation of the internet — Facebook and the Endless Content Machine have become professional dread extractors, in the sense that half the articles you click on are most…

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