10 Things You Think You Can Do In College (But You Really, Really Shouldn’t)

Thought Catalog

Being in college is a scary time. You’re technically an adult, but not really. You’re fresh out of your parents’ house with no real direction in life (unless you’re this guy), no means of survival except for that fake money they call meal points, and you’re thrust into a community of strangers and endless possibilities. Most use this newfound freedom for good, but others sadly — and often without realizing it — use it all wrong. Don’t be that kid that does it wrong. There are unwritten rules for this stuff, man.

1. Wear pajamas to class.

I know you’re tired. I know 8ams are the devil’s handiwork. I know you pulled an all-nighter and can’t muster the strength to put on a real pair of pants. Though these are all valid reasons, please take the pajamas off anyway. Even those stained gray sweatpants are better than the 80s…

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