38 Things That Happen When Your Brain Is On Pinterest

Thought Catalog


1. I’m just going to go on Pinterest for a second to look up a recipe for dinner tonight.

2. Whoa, I have 12 notifications?

3. All these people re-pinned me?

4. I must have really good taste.

5. Oh, I got three new followers on my “Clothes I Need in My Possession NOW” board.


7. I should just design my own clothing since everyone likes my fashion sense so much.

8. Okay, home feed.

9. Scrolling, scrolling…

10. Oh my gosh a weiner dog in a cup! It’s so tiny! I need to get a weiner dog.

11. Re-pin.

12. Oooh, brownies stuffed with Oreos and chocolate-chip cookies AND marshmallows?

13. Re-pin.

14. Oh my gosh–you can make spaghetti with squash? How? Does that mean it’s healthy?

15. Re-pin.

16. Dang, if I make all this food I’m going to be eating all the time.


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