10 Tips For Surviving Your Senior Year Of College

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The Internet is full of thoughts and opinions about the struggles college seniors face as they complete their last assignments before graduation. Being a senior myself, I can vouch for the fact that it is one of the strangest, unexplainable feelings I’ve ever had to deal with.
One part of me just wants to be done and start applying for jobs, yet another part still gets twinges of sadness as I drive around campus thinking about the day when I’ll be doing it for the last time. Luckily I am not there yet, nor have I had a mental breakdown yet either. So allow me to share some advice on how to survive even the roughest of senior years.

1. Don’t over exaggerate.

Yes, your classes are harder than they were freshman year, and yes the group projects are as awful as everyone says, but don’t…

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“Something From Nothing” is definitely more than something

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Waiting for new Foo Fighters music this year has been killing me, and the sneak peeks they’ve been giving haven’t made it any easier. Luckily for all of us, they finally released one of the songs off the new album, Sonic Highways.

Incredible. “Something From Nothing” is the Foo Fighters at their best. The song starts out quiet and calm, but don’t be fooled. “Something From Nothing” continues to build over the course of 4 minutes and 48 seconds into a wild frenzy fueled by Dave Grohl’s energetic, passionate vocals and the frantic guitar work that accompanies them. The Foos keep it interesting though, as expected. A unique (and unexpected) addition to the song that immediately caught my attention was the funk-fueled guitar effects that are seamlessly mixed in around the middle of the song, right before all hell breaks loose and things start getting crazy.

After listening to this…

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How The Way Your Clothes Fit Can Make You Look Better Or Worse

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Everyone knows it is important to wear clothes that fit well, but where is the evidence supporting that? How much of a difference do well-fitting clothes really make? We set out to measure just that, predicting that clothing that hugs the body just right would be perceived as more expensive than baggy clothes. We also predicted that the people wearing the well-fitting clothes would be considered better dressed and more attractive, no matter the gender.


We first took pictures of the models, varying the size of clothing between well-fitting and baggy for each outfit. We then surveyed over 1,000 people online asking their opinion on: a) if they thought the model was dressed well, b) if this clothing item looks good on the model, and c) an estimate on how much this clothing item costs. The survey was broken down into two groups so respondents only saw one…

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38 Things That Happen When Your Brain Is On Pinterest

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1. I’m just going to go on Pinterest for a second to look up a recipe for dinner tonight.

2. Whoa, I have 12 notifications?

3. All these people re-pinned me?

4. I must have really good taste.

5. Oh, I got three new followers on my “Clothes I Need in My Possession NOW” board.


7. I should just design my own clothing since everyone likes my fashion sense so much.

8. Okay, home feed.

9. Scrolling, scrolling…

10. Oh my gosh a weiner dog in a cup! It’s so tiny! I need to get a weiner dog.

11. Re-pin.

12. Oooh, brownies stuffed with Oreos and chocolate-chip cookies AND marshmallows?

13. Re-pin.

14. Oh my gosh–you can make spaghetti with squash? How? Does that mean it’s healthy?

15. Re-pin.

16. Dang, if I make all this food I’m going to be eating all the time.


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