32 College Students Reveal The Most Ridiculous Thing They’ve Heard Someone Say In Class

Thought Catalog

How did these people get into college. I’m dying laughing reading these things. If you have any hilarious things you’ve overheard in class, post them in the comments, please! Found on r/AskReddit.

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1. “Ching-chongs”

During an International Business class, during a chapter on Mainland China: “Why do we have to study about ching-chongs anyway?”

She went on to argue with my Chinese prof about Chinese culture.

2. The gay agenda

A girl in my English class wrote that legalizing gay marriage will create “800 million new jobs in the United States.”

3. Was she trolling or…

“Venezuela is in Africa right?” and “Wait….Australia is a country and a continent?!?” “If Osama was killed then who’s running our country?”

This was a senior level college course and this girl was going to be our student speaker at our commencement.

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4. I don’t think wasps think like that

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