23 Mildly Irrational Things Every Girl Has Done At Least Once In Her Life

Thought Catalog

1. Worn the shoes she knew she A) could not walk in for more than 2 blocks and B) was going to regret come midnight, only to begin begging people for piggyback rides or contemplating risking tetanus and going barefoot.

2. Thought to herself, “Yay! I’m not pregnant!” during that time of the month, even though she hadn’t even had the requisite sex necessary to facilitate said preggo eggo.

3. Called in sick to work because of her period.

4. Rechecked a crush’s tweets, Facebook timeline, or Instagram feed to make sure she didn’t accidentally like anything while creeping.

5. Done the thing where you just sorta smudge and smear the makeup you forgot to take off the night before (oops!) around with fresh makeup and call it a “lived-in smoky eye.”

6. Handed her phone to a friend and said, “here, you do it,” when it comes to crafting…

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