How to meditate in 6 super easy steps


A few weeks ago,  I posted about a wellness retreat in Mexico where I’ll be leading the meditation. Immediately I received an overwhelming response from my friends and followers. I was so surprised by all the “I would love to learn how to meditate” emails, I figured I would do a post on it. Meditating is very simple. You don’t need to read a book or attend a class– I have, and they were great, but they’re not necessary. I think of meditating as simply working out, as a necessary thing you do to be healthy. You don’t need lots of fancy gear, you don’t have to do it everyday, but the more regularly you do, the better you feel.

There are different kinds of meditation, but I’m going to teach you mantra meditation, or Transendental Meditation, since it’s my favorite.

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Find a…

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