How to meditate in 6 super easy steps


A few weeks ago,  I posted about a wellness retreat in Mexico where I’ll be leading the meditation. Immediately I received an overwhelming response from my friends and followers. I was so surprised by all the “I would love to learn how to meditate” emails, I figured I would do a post on it. Meditating is very simple. You don’t need to read a book or attend a class– I have, and they were great, but they’re not necessary. I think of meditating as simply working out, as a necessary thing you do to be healthy. You don’t need lots of fancy gear, you don’t have to do it everyday, but the more regularly you do, the better you feel.

There are different kinds of meditation, but I’m going to teach you mantra meditation, or Transendental Meditation, since it’s my favorite.

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Find a…

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My Goals

Every six months I like to stop and reassess my life and things I need to work on. My first semester, although not perfect, was decent. However, I know there is a lot I can improve on.  About a month ago I came up with some new goals and thought I would share not only to let you know what I’m working on but as motivation for myself as well.

  1. Stop apologizing so much!– I always apologize for things that are not my fault and it has been going on for too long!
  2. Sign up for a barre class. I want to get into shape and the barre class is only $30 for 6 classes. How cool is that?!?
  3. Study for at least 3 hours a day on weekdays and a total of 3 hours on the weekend.- I didn’t have a definite study plan my first semester of college and it showed come exam time.
  4. Get more sleep.- Last semester I would get about six hours or less of sleep a week and would feel like a zombie which would cause me to take 3 hour long naps everyday. Now I have a bed time routine and aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  5. Drink more tea.– There are so many health benefits from drinking tea. I’ve been pretty good at drinking green tea at least once a day.
  6. Clean my makeup brushes daily and deep clean once a week. I’m really bad at going months without cleaning my makeup brushes and letting the makeup just pile on and often lead to break outs.
  7. Unplug.– I’m constantly on my phone or laptop and want to spend at least an hour completely unplugged and just enjoy time with my friends, nature, or a good book.
  8.  Floss daily.– Ok, I know this is kind of gross but when I had my braces about 5-6 years ago I got out of the habit of flossing my teeth and when I got them off I would floss occasionally. Now I floss every night for the most part… Just need to work on flossing for when I travel or spend the night at other peoples’ houses.


What are your goals that you are working on? 


30 Scientific Reasons Your 20s Are For Doing What You Want

Thought Catalog

1. You’re not a teenager anymore. According to a recent study, teenagers’ brains are actually wired to be more self-conscious and hyper-concerned with what others think of them. Who needs that kind of stress? Celebrate NOT being a teenager anymore by decidedly not caring about other peoples’ opinions.

2. Science says we’re alright. Take comfort from this excerpt from Dr. Jay Giedd of the National Institute of Mental Health in The Wall Street Journal: “The fact that the brain stays unfinished during early adulthood ‘is the best thing that ever happened to humans’ because it allows us to adapt to changing environments […]. We can figure out what kind of world we live in and what we need to be really good at.” Translation: it’s scientifically okay to not have everything figured out.

3. You are not yet old enough to get hangovers that slam into you like…

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